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Fumbling Forward 5-Minute Daily Guided Journal

Fumbling Forward 5-Minute Daily Guided Journal

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"Fumbling Forward" is a lighthearted personal development journal designed for women. Designed to take only 5-minutes per day over the course of 12 weeks, this journal combines humor, creativity, and wisdom to help women navigate life's twists and turns with a friendly and supportive approach. It encourages embracing imperfections, finding growth in mishaps, and celebrating the journey of self-discovery. With its unique blend of wit and charm, "Fumbling Forward" is the perfect companion for women who want to laugh, learn, and fumble their way through personal growth. 

** BONUS FREEBIE!  Printable "Affirmations Project Pack" featuring a worksheet to guide you as your write your own personal affirmations AND coloring pages you can customize with your affirmations and/or prayers.

170 pages.
Available in 2 editions:

  • Spiral-bound printed edition
  • Digital version designed exclusively for tablet use. (Coming Soon!)

Publisher's Notice:
Copyright © 2023 by Therese Marzouk

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced– mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying– without the permission of the author. Digital version may not be printed or redistributed in any way.

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Customer Reviews

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A gift from a supportive friend

I received this journal as a gift from a new friend. I’ve been spending the last few years learning to do hard things. Trade in stocks, start a business, own assets. Long term hard things my family has never done before. And I keep bumping up against my own fear or self critic. And boy are those critiques harsh and they make me lose confidence and belief in myself. My growth. My desire to make a better future for all of the people depending on us. This journal gives me a really wonderful balance of tracking my progress, needed reflection and something I haven’t seen in any other growth journal. Humor and fun. When you’re trying to do serious and difficult things, you need levity! And this little book brings a method that works, and the levity to keep you humble and brave. Well done Genevieve and Claire!! And thanks to the friend who believed I’m not crazy to try hard new things!

Journal notes +++

This journal is something that you might just think you don’t even need. Me using my mine daily and writing and organizing my weeks and keeping focused on my tasks at hand and staying positive this is a journal that has kept me on track to my positive thinking and keeping me organized to boot. I love this and trust me this is a need that at first might seem like hmmm should I……well you should!!! Good luck to you’ll love it!!!

Susan Kaspari
Love it! The Journal I’ve Been Waiting For!

This journal is SO easy to use! It’s just a few minutes a day to capture my thoughts. The artwork is cute and funny, too. I even went back to the site to order one for my sister!