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Gen & Claire Co. is your source for expressive and quirky tees, accessories, and digital downloads that will elevate you to Gifting Goddess status among your friends! Our collection has a unique personality that balances inspiration, motivation, and edgy humor to honor women and encourage them to love themselves no matter where they are in their journey.

Our Wish

To Bring Joy with Expressive Goods

Our Name Inspiration

Genevieve and Claire, my grandmothers, have always inspired me.  They were two very different women, each with her own special gifts. 

Grandma Genevieve made everyone feel genuinely special. Her warm smile, quirky sense of humor, and generosity of spirit are the things I remember most about her. She thoughtfully packed goodie bags for anyone who visited her home... often filled with extras from "buy one get one" deals from her weekly grocery shopping. 

Grandma Claire was stylish, clever and courageous.  She sailed on a ship from the US to Germany and back... on her own and during a time where women rarely traveled distances alone. My grandfather's work often took him far from home for long periods so, on top of caring for her kids and her home, Claire also managed all the finances and taxes. (Definitely uncommon in her day!)

When it came time to create a collection of uplifting, empowering, and fun
products for women, our brand name came to me in an instant... how could I name it anything else?

Thank you for visiting Gen & Claire Co.!